Terms and conditions

Terms of use

This agreement describes the terms of use of all services and software offered by tartka.com.ua. The terms of use can be accepted only whole, without any changes, with all the rules that follow from these conditions, as well as procedures and usage scenarios published by the company TarTka, which created and administers this site.

TarTka reserves the right to update these Terms of Use at any time. The fact that you continue to use the site means that you accepted the changed terms even if you did not view them. The latest version of the Terms of Use is always on this page.

Acceptance of conditions

Please read this Agreement carefully before using tartka.com.ua. Starting using any service on the site, you accept all terms of use of the user agreement. If you are not a ccording to the terms of use set forth in this agreement, you can not use the services provided on site tartka.com.ua. Also, accepting the terms of the agreement, you agree to be in such a way that you are using their true and full personal data, the age of majority required for the conclusion of such contracts, not a person, legally limited in their rights in any way, and are responsible for placing the order by reading With a list of goods banned for shipment.

Description of service

TarTka offers the following services via its website:

Forwarding of small postal items and commercial cargoes from Ukraine to Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan (all countries of the trade union, as well as Georgia and Moldova)

TarTka reserves the right to update, modify, improve and transform its site in any form and manner of use.

General terms and conditions

TarTka is not responsible for the actions of any third parties or organizations, such as – postal and courier services (for example, USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.). All terms and conditions of third party agreements are the subject of their individual agreements.

The Customer bears sole and full responsibility for any customs payments, as well as for any payments related to postal services and the crossing of goods by state borders.

The responsibility of TarTkacan not exceed the cost of services rendered by TarTka within the framework of a specific order.

TarTka does not guarantee the delivery of parcels if the customs declarations associated with these parcels have not been properly filled in accordance with the rules of import and export operations of the customs services of Ukraine and the host country. The clarification and adherence to these rules when sending parcels is the responsibility of the Client.

TarTka does not work with emails without corresponding tracking numbers. TarTka does not offer services related to the processing or sending of gift cards, coupons, any payment cards, discount cards, gift certificates purchased by Customers from third parties or organizations.

TarTka does not send parcels on demand, as well as on postal mailboxes.

TarTka agrees to store parcels belonging to the Customer within 25 days without additional charge. After the expiration of this period, TarTka reserves the right to charge the Customer for storage of each incoming parcel, in the equivalent of 10 UAH per day. The total storage period of parcels should not exceed 100 calendar days. If the parcel has not been claimed by the Customer after this period, TarTka reserves the right to dispose of the contents of the parcel or dispose of it at its discretion.

TarTka is not responsible for the identification of the owners of incoming parcels, on which the delivery address and the addressee are incorrectly (incomplete). In the event that after the expiration of 100 days from the delivery of the parcel to the warehouse, the owner of the parcel did not complete the dispatch and did not confirm the belonging of the parcel, TarTka reserves the right to dispose of the contents of the parcel or dispose of it at their discretion.

The client is fully responsible for the control and verification of the contents when receiving orders for the TarTka warehouse by checking the tracking numbers and confirmations about sending by the stores, as well as by issuing special requests for reconciliation with the invoice and / or photographing attachments.

TarTka is responsible for the preparation of parcels and consignments for shipment within seven working days from the date of receipt of the formal application from the Client, if there are no additional requests for the package related to additional packaging or dispatch method.

TarTka agrees to store packed and ready-to-ship parcels belonging to the Customer within 7 days without additional charge. After the expiration of this period, TarTka reserves the right to charge the Customer for the storage of each ready-to-ship parcel in the equivalent of 20 UAH per day. The total storage period of the package ready for shipment should not exceed 20 days. If the parcel has not been claimed by the Client after two months, TarTka reserves the right to dispose of the contents of the parcel or dispose of it at its discretion.

The packing list to be included in the shipment is not an inventory, but is an internal use document of the TarTka warehouse, and can not be regarded as an affirmation that the number of items mentioned there was true.

TarTka accepts claims for parcels within 5 days after the delivery of the consignment to the addressee And reserves the right to investigate for a period of 30 days

The client passes TarTka the right to open his parcels and work with their contents.

TarTka does not work with postal organizations for reimbursement of postage costs for improper service levels. At the same time, TarTka can provide the Client with all available documents, if the Client decides to contact the postal organization directly.

TarTka does not provide for any compensation for moral damage, as well as compensation for losses related to the clients’ own business in any form. The service is designed to provide services to individuals who make orders for themselves, relatives or friends.

TarTka reserves the right to request additional documents confirming the identity of the client and the legality of the purchases and use of credit cards. This is a selective measure that helps prevent fraudulent activities with credit cards.

Prices and services

Prices and Services of the Service are described on the page “Services” and are current prices for the present moment of time.

Additional work with parcels (if any) – are published additionally in the invoice provided by TarTka.

TarTka reserves the right to change existing prices without prior notice.

TarTka operates according to the laws of Ukraine